Sherman Thompson Parker Memorial Foundation

stp education

“Education is the vehicle that moves people from poverty to prosperity. This means that every child deserves a world-class education and every citizen deserves the support of a government that makes a lifetime of learning a top priority.” – Sherman Parker


A 501c3 non profit/non partisan organization designed to benefit the public good by providing educational and scholastic financial assistance for minority & disadvantaged students in North County & North City (St. Louis) and in the Affton School District of South St. Louis County. The Foundation will also focus on healthcare & healthcare issues that disproportionately affect African Americans.


The Red Bud College Scholarship

The name Red Bud Scholarship derives its inspiration from two sources. First, the home where Rep. Parker spent his formative years as a child was on a street named Red Bud in North St. Louis. Rep. Parker was living in this home when he was a participant in the voluntary desegregation plan at Affton High School. At the time of his death, Mr. Parker was in the process of re-habbing his childhood home and moving back into his old community.

stp 2

Rep. Parker on hand for a check ceremony to the St. Charles Community College.

Rep. Parker was an enthusiastic proponent of education and the benefits it brings to those who pursue academic excellence.  Sherman believed that our children are buds of potential excellence that need attention, nurturing, love, and encouragement to reach their full potential. Sherman received dual degrees from the University of Vermont and further pursued his education at the St. Louis University campus in Madrid, Spain, and, at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government. During his first year in the Legislature, and as a member of the Education Committee, Missouri’s community college chancellors and presidents named Sherman their “legislator of the year” for his work and commitment to higher education. Sherman was a board member of the Affton Education Association.

stp 3

Rep. Parker receiving the “Legislator of the Year” award from Missouri’s community college chancellors and presidents.

Activities (High School, Middle, Elementary)

  1. Arrange for speakers to address government and current affairs students in high school and middle school.
  2. Sponsor field trips to the Capitol; meet elected officials; tour Capital building, Supreme Court; watch Legislature in session.
  3.  Partner with Herbert Hoover/ Matthews Dickey Boys clubs to start an after school program focusing on civics & government. Example: School House Rock videos from the 70’s: “How a bill becomes a law.” Mock legislative sessions, etc.

 Healthcare/ Illness Prevention

stp 4

Like a great deal of African Americans, Mr. Parker battled hypertension and high blood pressure at the end of his life. Due to his own health issues and both of his grandmothers’ having diabetes, Sherman took a strong interest in healthcare and life science research. Many African Americans in the United States suffer disproportionately the debilitating effects of diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, and kidney failure. The STPM Foundation will partner with inner city health clinics to sponsor health fairs and health screenings in the community to focus on prevention. The Foundation will also partner with a major drug company that looks to work with organizations that can help them get information out about their free prescription drug programs.

Executive Director
Julana Parker, MSW

Board members
Christopher Arps
John Bordeaux
Jeremiah Dellas
Scott Dickenson
James Gwinner
James Hill
Verna Harris LaBoy
Michael Murphy
Rep. Maria Chappelle Nadal
Keith Savage
Rep. Joseph Smith
David Stokes