What a surprise to hear that Sherman is no longer with us. It has been many years since I have talked to Sherman, but I will never forget him standing on the soccer field at UVM, smiling, telling me that not only was he going to meg me, but that he was going to be President someday….and he was serious about both! His time here was obviously too short, and we have lost one of the great guys. Hopefully he continues to guide us from above.
-Matt Wilk

I only found out about Sherman’s passing today. I was so excited when I found him on Facebook recently. I requested him as a friend and didn’t hear back until today. I immediately logged on to read about him and post a message on his wall. I was so saddened to read the posts about his death. He was such a wonderful and kind person. We were very close friends at UVM and kept in touch after he graduated. I last spoke to him about 3 years ago. I was very happy to hear what he was doing and that he was following his dream. I will always have such fond memories of our friendship and the many times we spent together at UVM and after. I will truly miss him and his smiling face.
-Dara Lambek

Only today, did I learn of the passing of this great man. I am saddened by this loss, and my prayers are with his family.
-Pastor Raymond Dix Jr.

I am still shaking after reading the news of Sherman’s passing. Sherman was a friend of mine at the University of Vermont and one of the nicest people I have ever met. I remember his room in college covered with posters of JFK and his passion for politics. Although Sherman and I never kept in contact after he graduated, I have thought of him with fondness many times over the years. This morning in the wake of Barrack Obama’s election, I was wondering how Sherman was feeling and curious if he had pursued that political career he was so passionate about in college. For the first time I sat down in front of my computer and Googled his name. I had waited too long to reconnect. Sherman left this earth before being able to witness the first African American president elected to office.(although in my head I had always thought it would be Sherman!) But I know his spirit lives on in all of the lives he has touched and the lives he had yet to touch. My thoughts, prayers and condolences are with his family and many friends.
-Andrea Godfrey Krollman

Esther, this is to let you know that the “FAMILY,” is always here for you. To express our love, and to let you know that “WE”, shale always love you and we will be here whenever you need us as we are now, and have been through good times and bad. Love always Jr.
-Julius Clifford Barney,Jr.

I just heard about Sherman today. He was one of my absolute favorite politicians. Every time I saw him, I’d harass him about “So when are you coming over to our (the Democrats) side?” I have a very fond memory of sitting next to him at one of the McCaskill-Talent debates & we kept nudging each other every time something ridiculous was said.

What a huge loss. My condolences to his family & friends.
-Naomi Silver

Sherman was the stepfather of my bestfriend and I knew him very well. I was very sad and shocked when I got the news and it still doesn’t seem like reality. My prayers and condolences are with the family and especially with my “little sister” Alex

I truly regret that I never got to meet my second cousin Sherman. Im sitting here reading all of these wonderful things about him. In getting to know him,and how he touched so many lives.I didn’t know he was a state rep. We as a family need to pull together organize A Real Family Reunion so that we can know and meet each other. My condolences go out to all that had the pleasure of knowing and sharing life with remarkable man Sherman Thompson Parker. 😦
-Sanise Esther Sussix Pendleton

I met Sherman years ago through some relatives and found out that he was related to my good friend Nicole. It shocked me to hear about Sherman. My condolences to the family.
-Cynthia Clark

It hurts my heart so much to know that I will never walk into a room again and see Shermans beautiful smile. Sherman was a good friend and he will be missed so much, more than words can say. My prayers and thoughts are with his family and friends.

I was a Fraternity brother of Sherman’s, and graduated soon after he joined our brotherhood. Though never close in college, I found myself calling Sherman out of the blue two summers after I graduated, while I was driving across the country by myself attending baseball games in every major league city. While in Chicago, I targeted a game in St. Louis against the Mets, and realized that Sherman was from St. Louis. and called him out of the blue on a Thursday night, asking if he was free to join me for a Saturday night game.
He dropped what he was doing, we went to the game, laughing at how hot it was for a night game, and how many women in the stands had tons of makeup on despite the heat. He also opened his home to me for the night when I already had a motel reservation.
I had a great time with Sherman that day – I’ve never forgotten it. We reconnected on LinkedIn recently, and I was happy to catch up with him, and was very impressed by his accomplishments. I will miss not being able to reconnect with him further, and wish his family my heartfelt condolences.
-Alex Gadd

I was deeply saddened when I got the news that Sherman had passed. I grew up with Sherman. He was one of the older guys in the neighborhood that I tried to hang around. He was a big fan of soccer. While many kids in the city would get together and play football or baseball, he would get a group together to play soccer on a near by field.

He will definately be missed.
-Michael Vincent

I was so saddened to read about Sherman’s passing in this evening’s St. Charles Journal.

Sherman would come into our store to have his shoes repaired and shined. What a wonderful individual! We talked at length one day while my husband did some while-u-wait work for him.

Mrs. Parker and daughter, Alexandra and all other family members please accept our heartfelt sympathy.

We’ll be making a donation to Alexandra’s college fund. If there is anything we can do for the family please do not hesitate to call us, 636.926.3825.

With deepest sympathy,

Dave and Pat Hamilton
Aaron’s Birkenstock Store
& All Brand Shoe Repair
4111 Mexico Road
St. Peters, MO 63376

😦 I was so surprised when I heard about Sherman. I will always remember when we were in high school, and he would be waiting to catch the school bus kicking his soccer ball around with out a care in the world. Life is to short! Please tell your friends and family every chance you get how much you love them before it is to late! Sherman was truly one of a kind and will be missed!
-Antionette (Toni)Cousins

Sherman was one of my dearest and closest friends for the last 6 years. Since we’ve been friends we have been to countless football and baseball games, not to mention numerous political events. Let’s just say I’m clueless when it comes to politics, but he helped me along the way to understand the meaning and value of our great political system. My deepest sympathies go to Alex, whom I have not seen since she was 3, when Sherman and I took her and my dad to a fathers day baseball game at Busch Stadium. That was one of many special memories that I will cherish forever. I love you Sherman and I will miss you always.
-Jaime Dellbringge

Sherman Parker, my ‘lil Brother, my friend, I never have met a brother, so up close and personal, that loved the crazy life of politics as much as Sherman Thompson Parker. He was a torch, a firestarter. He was his own man, a man’s man, a leader. He was not a “Yes” man. He followed his own heart and desires. He had his own plan. I met Sherman Parker in 2002 when the Boone CO Republican Party came after me to run for State Representative. Sherman, packed up “His Boyz” and came to Columbia and knocked on doors and worked hard on my campaign. Encouraging me every step of the way. I didn’t win the political race, but came out the winner anyway…I had Sherman Parker as a friend…just talked to him last week…we kept it real in our communication.
He loved his daughter, Alexandra…please support her and her family by donating to her college fund.
Republican politics will not be the same without him stirring things up! I miss you, Sherman! God bless your family and close friends.
-Verna Harris-Laboy

Sherman was truly a maverick and was born a few years before his time. An intellectual and hardworking young man. May you go to rest with our ancestors.

Thank you for your contributions to Missouri State Politics.
-April Harris

I am very saddened to hear the news of Sherman’s passing. We were the best of friends at UVM and were a couple of midwestern kids in a place. We were both history majors and I a poli sci minor (Sherman a double major). We watched JFK videos for hours on end and Sherman had read all of the books available. He knew the Kennedy family up and down and could tell you about most anyone of them. The irony was that he became a republican, and that was Sherman. He was a very complex person who broke the mold. Everyone who ever knew him, loved him. To know him was to love him. When I got word in college that my parents were splitting up, Sherman was there for me. He was the very best friend a man could have – very loyal, and he always listened to every word I had to say. He was a tremendous listener and valued all of those around him. He will be greatly missed, there is no doubt. He will be missed by all of us who knew him, and by all of those lives he will now never have a chance to touch. The world is a much better place thanks to Sherman Parker. He accomplished much in his short life, and made a difference. God Bless.
-Jefferson Hammond

I met Sherman almost 8 years ago and we have been friends ever since. I was privileged to help run Sherman’s first campaign. He was the kind of person that would do anything he could to help his friends and he helped me a lot along the way.

We had a lot of great times together. In fact, it was through Sherman that I met my wife. We are about to have a baby boy. When I called him to give the news, he sounded just as excited as I was. I knew how much he loved Alex because he talked about her, with a big smile all the time.

Sherman was my friend and I will miss him so much.
-Andrew Mundwiller

I am deeply saddened by the passing of my college roommate, fraternity brother, and best friend. Sherman was a major part of my UVM experience and I will always cherish the times we had together. Since graduation, our lives took us to different locations, however our friendship never faded. I, and the Brothers of Delta Psi, will miss Sherman dearly. We are proud to call him our Brother. Our thoughts and prayers go out to his family.
-Joel Reidy

I met Sherman several years ago at a political event, and later had the pleasure of serving with him in the House. He was always a gentleman and treated everyone with respect.Politics will not be the same without him. He will be missed! He made an impact, and stood up for what he believed in when it came to the issues at hand. My sincere sympathy to his many friends and family.
-Gary Dusenberg

I got to know Sherman better when we worked together on John Scates County Council Campaign. He was always willing to help in any way he could.

My condolences to his family.
-Tim Dreste

My brother was taken from our presence too early, but as Becky said, he still lives on in each of us. I am honored that he gave his efforts to my congressional campaign and i pledge that the next election is dedicated to him when we secure our victory. He was a friend, an advisor, and brother to me and my heart is quite heavy at this moment and will be for some time to come, but i am also challenged because i know that Sherman would demand that i move forward and finish the job we started. and those tasks will be done. be it Missouri Spectrum or a congressional election, we will not let the fire that Sherman T Parker lit ever burn or fade out. We will be the keepers of the dream. I will miss “El Jefe” but he will never be far from my heart or mind in my future days
-Martin D Baker

Sherman was a big part of my life. He helped me when I first ran for State Representative. He was a true friend even beyond politics and the public life. I will miss him very much.
-Michael Rohrbacker

I don’t have the words to express the impact Sherman had on my life. I count myself as very blessed to have been able to work, walk, celebrate, and mourn with Sherman these past few years. He was larger then life and has left a huge void. I am comforted by the fact that his memory lives on in the lives he has touched and in his daughter. I know in my heart that he already engaged in political debates with the likes of Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King Jr. and John F Kennedy.
-Becky Davidson

If you have a memory you would like to share please email us at sherman @ shermanparker.org